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Friday, September 1, 2017

typecasting using Java Program

Write a java program to demonstrate typecasting as an example

Sample input and output:

Conversion of int into byte:- i and b:255 and -1

Conversion of double to int:- d and i:323.142 and 323

Conversion of double to byte:- d and b:323.142 and 67


class Conversion
public static void main(String args[])
byte b;
int i=255;
double d=323.142;
System.out.println("\nConversion of int into byte:-");
System.out.println("i and b:"+i+" and "+b);
System.out.println("\nConversion of double to int:-");
System.out.println("d and i:"+d+" and "+i);
System.out.println("\nConversion of double to byte:-");
System.out.println("d and b:"+d+" and "+b);


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