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Friday, October 7, 2011

Program for Detecting the Player Version

Detecting the Player Version


var playerparts=_root.$version.split(" ");

var playeros=playerparts[0];

trace("the player operating system="+playeros);

var playerversion=playerparts[1].split(",");

trace("the player version="+playerversion);

var playermajor=Number(playerversion[0]);

trace("the playermajor version="+playermajor);

var playerminor=Number(playerversion[1]);

trace("the playerminor version="+playerminor);

var playerbuild=Number(playerversion[2]);

trace("the playerbuild="+playerbuild);

var playerpatch=Number(playerversion[3]);

trace("the playerpatch="+playerpatch);



the player operating system=WIN

the player version=8,0,22,0

the playermajor version=8

the playerminor version=0

the playerbuild=22

the playerpatch=0

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