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Friday, April 1, 2011

study of electronic total station

study of electronic total station


            Total station is a combination of Electronic Theodolite and Electronic Distance Meter (EDM) in one unit. This instrument directly measures 3D co-ordinates, slope, horizontal and vertical distances. This has large internal memory of 3000 points to store field datas and can be directly down loaded to the computer from the instrument through interface cable.

Electronic Distance Meter:

            This is used to measure directly, to an acceptable accuracy, the distance between any tow intervisible points in the survey system. The technique of EDM eliminates the need for chaining or taping.

Principle of EDM:

            The basic principle is the indirect determination of the time required for a light beam to travel between two stations and by using frequency the distance is displayed .

Basic Functions of EDM:

1.      It generates the carrier and measuring wave frequencies.
2.      It modulates and demodulates the carrier wave.
3.      It measures the phase difference between the transmitted and received waves.
4.      It displays the result of measurement.

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