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Friday, April 1, 2011

Stadia Tacheometry determination of tacheometric constants

Stadia Tacheometry determination of
tacheometric constants

Aim :
            To determine the Tacheometric constants.
Instruments required :
            Tacheometer with stand, Levelling Staff, Ranging rods, tape
General :
            An ordinary transit theodolite fitted with stadia hair is known as Tacheometer. This method completely eliminated the use of tape or chain and is very rapid and convenient..
Procedure :
1.      Set up the instrument at A.
2.      Measure a line AB, 30 metres long on a fairly level ground and fix arrows at 10m intervals.
3.      Note down the stadia hair readings (top,middle, bottom), by placing the staff over the arrow stations (PQR)
4.      Keep the vertical circle to read zero during observations.
5.      Calculate the other staff intercepts in the same manner.
            Stadia intercept : S = Difference of top and bottom hair readings
            Let S1, is the staff intercept corresponding to distance D1 and S2 corresponding to             D2. By using tachometric equation.
            D =   S + (f+d), since vertical angle is zero.
             where  = Multiplying constant denoted by C.
            and (f+d) = Additive constant denoted by K.
            Then    D = CS + K
            Now we have,
                        D1 = CS1 + K
                        D2 = CS2 + K
            Solving the above two equations to get the values for C and K.
            Similarly find out the values for C and K by other set of readings.
            The average values of the C and K, will be the Tacheometric Constants.

Result :
            Tacheometric additive constant          K =
            Tacheometric Multiplying Constant   C =


Inst. at
Staff station
Horizontal distance
Stadia hair readings
Stadia intercept



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