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Friday, April 1, 2011

Setting out of FOUndation

Setting out of FOUndation
            To mark the centre line of foundation for the given building drawing.

General Introduction:
            The process of marking on the site the intended lines of the foundation of a building is called “Setting out”. This operation implies the transfer of the details of foundation from the drawings to the actual size for forming the foundations.

Tools / Materials Required:
1.      Theodolite
2.      Tripod
3.      A measuring tape
4.      A mason’s square
5.      A roll of string
6.      Steel / wooden pegs
7.      A little quantity of lime powder

1.      Study the given plan of the building and note down the internal dimension between walls and width of foundation. Then prepare a centre line sketch of the building.
2.      Remove any vegetation in the construction site. Set-out a straight line slightly greater than the length of the front wall of the room. This line will be the centre line of the front wall.
3.      Now mark the two ends A and B of the centre line of the front wall using theodolite. Then drive two pegs a little away from the ends marked and tie the string accurately.
4.      At the two end points A and B set-out perpendicular strings using theodolite and stretch them. Mark the end points C and D for the side walls at the given distance from B and A respectively.
5.      Drive two pegs a little away from the point C and D and tie the string correctly, repeat the process for the other side (rear) wall and cross wall, if any.
6.      Measure the four sides of the rectangle and check its accuracy as per the centre line sketch. Also check the diagonals.
7.      Then erect the centre line pillars 1 meter beyond the foundation trench (usually 200mm square) and the top surface level with the plinth level. The permanent mark made on the centre line pillars is used for reference.
8.      Mark on the ground the width of the foundation of the walls, choosing half the width of foundation on either side of the centre line. Apply lime powder to indicate the outline of the foundation trench.

            The marking of the centre line and foundation trench line were done.

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