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Thursday, April 7, 2011

CS2358 Internet Programming lab Image Mapping using HTML

                                           Image Mapping using HTML


To write the html code to perform the Image Mapping.


Step 1: Start.
Step 2: Write the code  for imagemap.html.
Step 3: Perform mapping using <MAP> tag.
Step 4: Insert Hyperlink using <A href>.
Step 5: Display Results.
Step 6: Stop.


<body bgcolor="black">
<p align="Center">
<map name="netherlands">
<area href="C:\gro.html" shape="circle" coords="362,56,10">
<area href="C:\fry.html" shape="circle" coords="278,67,10">
<area href="C:\lim.html" shape="circle" coords="317,408,10">
<area href="C:\hol.html" shape="circle" coords="149,291,10">
<img src="C:\nether.gif"
usemap="# netherlands">


<img src="fry.gif">
A flag with pompeblêdden (lily leaves) was already
mentioned in the "Gudrunlie d" from the 11th century.
This was also used by the Ommelanden. Since the
middle of the 19th ce ntury the flag is used by the
Fryske Biweging, and was accepted by the Deputed States (Provincial Legislature)
in 1897. During the festivities of the 40th and 50th re igning jubilee of Queen
Wilhelmina in 1938 and 1948 it was used by each municipality with the  municipal
arms in the canton.
Finally it was officially adopted 9 July 1957 by
the States of Friesland, nr. 12 Prov./besluit 20.
The provincial paper, 1958, nr. 12, gives de tailed
construction sheets.

<title> groningen</title>
<img src="C:\gro.gif">
Originally a part of Frisia, Groninge n became
a part of the Frankish Empire around 785.
Charlemagne assigned the  Christianization of
this new possession to Ludger. In the 11th century,
the city of Groningen was a village in Drenthe that
belonged to the Bishopric of Utrecht, while most of
the province was in the diocese of Münster.
During the Middle Ages, central control was remote,
and the city of Groningen acted as a city state,
exerting a dominating influence on the surrounding
Ommelanden. Around 1500, Maximilian I, Holy Roman


<title>zuid holland</title>
<img src="hol.gif">
Also spelled  Zuidholland , English  South
Holland  provincie, weste rn Netherlands,
bordering the North Sea and adjoining the
provincies of Noord-Holland (north), Utrecht
and Gelderland (east), and Noord-Brabant and
Zeeland (south). Drained by the ramifications
of the Lek, Waal, and Maas (Meuse) rivers,
Zuid-Holland includes the islands of Dordre cht,
IJsselmonde, Hoeksche Waard, Voorne-Putten, and


<img src="lim.gif">
A provincial flag consisting of red and white
colors has existed long ago, but the Minister of
Foreign Affairs sent a le tter on 19 Mar 1883, in
which he stated that the Duchy of Limburg was not
an independent state and was therefore not entitled
to hoist its own flag. For no province of the Realm
(and as such Limburg is to be constitutionally
considered) is allowed, as part of the Realm, to
have another flag than the National flag of the

Thus image mapping has been performed using HTML.

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