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Wednesday, March 30, 2011




To determine the initial and final setting time of cement paste.

Apparatus Required
1. Vicat apparatus
2. Stop watch
3. Measuring jar
4. Trowel
5. Balance


  1. Weigh 400gms of the sample of cement on to a  non – porous platform and make it a heap with a depression in the centre
  2. Calculate the amount of water required for gauging as 0.85 times the amount of water required to procedure a paste of standard consistency. Add this calculated quantity of water to heap and simultaneously start stop watch.
  3. Gauge the cement and water together in a manner specified till the mould is completely filled. Strike the top level with the trowel and slightly tap the mould to the extent necessary to drive out all the entrapped air.
  4.  Place the mould under the vicat needle apparatus with 1mm square needle in position. Release the moving rod and note the reading against the index. Now, raise the moving rod, clear off the cement paste and wipe the needle clear.
  5. Repeat the step No.4 at regular intervals of half minute till the reading becomes 5mm exactly.
  6. Note the time elapsed from the moment of adding water to dry cement to the moment when the reading is 5mm.
  7. Now remove the 1mmneedle fro the rod and the special needle for determine the final set.
  8. As before allow the moving rod to travel downwards at every two minutes intervals. When the needle makes a move but the metal attachment fails to do so, note the total time elapsed.
  9. Remove the needle, clean the appliances used and put them aside.


The initial setting time of cement is    =                            min.
The final setting time of cement is      =                            min.

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